Health Benefits of POMELO - SHADDOCKS


Shaddock is one of the fruit containing many vitamins; it is not only easy to enjoy but also having quite little calorie. On the other hand, it helps you have more beautiful skin and get better in treatment and preventive of disease such as high blood pressure, stomachache, diabetes, etc…

Its scientific name is Citrus Osb, belongs to sour orange family. Section of a grapefruit is sweet, and a little sour. It also has the same other nutrition uses as oranges, tangerines. Additionally, the functions of antifebrile and resistance enhance is mentioned to its use due to plenty of vitamin C and A. Getting a half of shaddock could be enough 78% vitamin C for you each day.

People said that grapefruit can be preventive of some kinds of influenza. And according to doctors, it should be eaten within breakfast time as salad or cetainly delicious dessert. The attar could be found in its leaves, blossoms, and peels, which is helpful for antifebrile exhalation. The rosy-pulped shaddocks and ordinary pomelos give lots of vitamin A and many other substances helping resisting people’s aging sign. Besides, it is a good way for treating flu, fever subsidence; quenching one’s thirst; equilibrating cholesterol content in boold because of having much pectin – a typical fibre kind,

In term of the researches, eating shaddocks helps secreting slaver, gastric juice because its function is to “support’ digestive system. Eating its sections or drinking its juice could give you the high effects on preventive and cure of other disease involving acid excess.

Pomelo supplies a great deal of fibre which can be partially anti constipation, and considered as functional food in order to prevent dysentery, diarrhea, and enteritis. In experts’ opinions, pomelo is considered “panacea”, especially with diabetes patients. Grape juice has components being similar to insulin reducing blood sugar, which is good for glycosuria and high blood pressure people. Advices are given out from doctors that usually eating shaddocks so as to restricting diabetes risks.

Further information is that diabetes people should eat three portions of grapefruit everyday to better their health. Its function is also to “consume” fatty substance, and calorie excess, so this fruit is a good manner to loose weights for dieters. Moreover, quinine substance in pomelo can treat paludism, chill, and redution of exhausted and nervous symptoms. And one more found by scientists in grapefruit is to decrease danger of prostate gland cancer.

 Another study of biology, phenolic acid could be found in it to stop some fatal or chronic disease such as arthritis, lupus. Using shaddocks daily could help patients avoid rheumatism, scarlatina, or pain due inflammation. Grapefruit peels can treat sputa in one’s throat and bronchi; and leaves are used to cure cough, temperature, headache, and throat inflammation.

Shaddock is a kind of tasty fruit with lots of favorite vitamin. People usually take its sections and discard seeds, pulps, peels; but it is not known that we waste Pectin resource – sap covering seeds and in pulps. Pectin is fibre, melts in water, and makes slimier. It exists in fruit rather than pulps, seed shells. In drug technologies, pectin is used to produce orally administered drug and injection in order to be styptic before and after surgery of maxillas, otorhinolaryngology, gynaecology, digestive and urinary tract haemorrhage. A solution of 5% pectin can be used as bactericide H2Oin odonto-maxillo-facial and otorhinolaryngology surgeries.